Other Olive Bar Olives and Accompaniments 101

Mezzetta’s castelvetrano and cerignola olives are among the fastest growing olives in the olive bar segment. These bright green olives come from the southern regions of Italy and are noted for their buttery nutty taste. They are an eye catching addition to any olive bar, great for martinis or a snacking antipasto plate.

Mezzetta’s Pitted Bistro Blend is a unique blend of pitted olives including kalamata olives, Spanish queen olives, manzanilla olives, and nicoise olives all marinated in a flavorful blend of herbs and spices. Add cubed feta and equal parts olive oil and canola oil to create a one of a kind feta olive salad, or blend to make an incredible tapenade or olive spread.

Adding our Feta Stuffed or Blue Cheese stuffed olives to your offerings adds great appeal to your display. Our cheese stuffed olives are hand stuffed and packed in a light brine perfect for snacking or adding to your favorite martini.

Rounding out our olive bar and foods service accompaniments are our fabulous Italian marinated mushrooms, tender marinated artichokes and marinated giant white beans. Our red ruby sweety peps add vibrancy to the olive bar and are delicious when filled with cream cheese, feta cheese or goat cheese.

Cornichons are tiny, tangy pickles, great to snack on or added to an antipasto platter, while cipolini onions are tender baby onions in a balsamic vinaigrette great in any salad, pasta, or recipe.

Canned Products

  • Roasted Red Bell Peppers
  • Italian Marinated Mushrooms
  • Marinated Quartered Artichokes
  • Cornichons
  • Cipolini Onions
  • Sweety Peps
  • Marinated Giant White Beans
  • Black Cerignola Olives
  • Green Cerignola Olives


64oz. Glass Products

  • Feta Stuffed Olives
  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives
  • Castelvetrano Olives


Plastic Gallons

  • Pitted Bistro Blend

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