Red Hot Chili Pepper Everything Spread 101

Flavor Profile

Turn up the heat without sacrificing flavor! Mild, fresh garlic balances the bold punch of red jalapeño peppers, adding vibrant taste and color to everything from scrambled or deviled eggs to a not-so-basic burrito or burger. But don’t stop there…

The Possibilities are Endlessly Delicious!

Our Everything Spread is more than spreadable. Whether stirred, spooned, drizzled, dolloped, basted or tossed, it adds incomparable flavor to virtually any dish—from breakfast to dinner, appetizers to entrées:

• Make a guacamole dip.
• Add pizazz to pizza or chicken wings.
• Enliven everyday mac ‘n’ cheese.
• Spice up a salsa or cocktail sauce.
• Add to a stir-fry or fried rice.

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The essential ingredient in every Mezzetta product is our joy in bringing it to you.