Olive, Parmesan & Garlic Everything Spread

Our blend of savory green olives and fruity black kalamatas is more than a tasty tapenade. Fresh…

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Instead of white, drab mashed potatoes, stir in some Basil Pesto for some color and a boost of basil flavor.

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Thread stuffed olives onto fresh rosemary for your cocktail.  You’ll get a sensory overload with the fresh smell and bright flavor!

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Add a splash of maraschino cherry juice to a martini for a lovely holiday hue.

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Our Specialty Veggies are a great way to add veggies into your meals or side dishes.  Serve them on the side of a cheese platter, or toss them into an egg or tuna salad. They're also great on hot dogs or burgers.

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Our Anchovy Stuffed Olives go great with Mediterranean and Italian dishes.Try them in a Caesar salad, sprinkled over a pizza, or tossed into your favorite pasta dish.

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Simply pour in a bowl of Green Chili Peppers for a flavorful fat free dip for tortilla chips. Or, add them as a garnish to your Huevos Rancheros.  Try them on a black bean salad and add a little zing to your meal.

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Combine Garlic Stuffed Olives in a food processor with anchovy filets, Capers, lemon juice and olive oil for a terrific tapenade. Spread it on fish or chicken  or serve it as an appetizer.

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Roughly chop Organic Kalamata Olives and toss with olive oil and capers. Spoon mixture over a block goat cheese and serve with pita chips.

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